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Loose those spooky summer spots with our amazing IPL Photofacial full-face treatment

Dr. Wright uses the Cutera laser exclusively and her IPL handpiece is called the limelight™. She is able to treat brown or red pigmented lesions on the face, neck, and de’collete’. Those bothersome tiny veins are easily treated as well. For some skin types, she can even treat the hands, chest, and arms; which often show our age. IPL stands for intense pulse light. The light is pulsed into the skin and pigmented lesions preferentially take up this energy and convert it to heat. The heat is what breaks up or damages the pigmented lesion and it is absorbed by the body. The procedure is fast and only uncomfortable, not painful.


Scare those lines away with Bootox (20 unit minimum)

When Botox® is injected in facial muscles, it can decrease lines and wrinkles that are formed from facial expression.* Botox® is in the pharmaceutical class of 'neuromodulator' because it blocks the communication between the nerve and the muscle, thus making the local muscle around the injection paralyzed. Other neuromodulators include Dysport and Xeomin. Botox® is the most widely recognized neuromodulator and was first on the market. There are some subtle differences between Botox® and its competitors. Dr. Wright is a board-certified surgeon and can answer all your questions about Botox®. With her high-level surgical background, she ensures all injections are safe and effective.*


That’s over $120 in Savings!

Microneedling with PRP, what’s not to love? The skin tightens and glows with color, and scaring softens for a beautiful younger and very natural result. The end result? Younger-appearing skin! This is one of Dr. Jessica Wright's all-time favorite treatments for building collagen!

Purchase a Vampire Facelift and get your SPOOKY SPOTS treated for FREE!

The Vampire Facelift ® sometimes incorrectly called a Vampire facial, is a non-surgical facelift procedure that lifts the lines of your face, restores the fullness of youth and brightens skin tone, all at the same time using Filler and PRP injections. Wondering how this aesthetic treatment got this name? It’s because your own blood is used as part of this enhancement procedure.

Some Restrictions May Apply, Call For Details.

*Specials Expire October 31, 2019 unless otherwise specified. You must mention the special at the time of booking*

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