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Benefits of AquaGold Facial Include:

Improved Hydration: Hyaluronic acid, a common ingredient in the AquaGold cocktail, is known for its hydrating properties, giving the skin a plump and rejuvenated appearance.

Enhanced Radiance: The combined effect of microneedling and the infusion of beneficial ingredients can lead to brighter, more radiant skin.

Reduction in Fine Lines: The treatment can help in diminishing the appearance of fine lines, especially when neurotoxins are included in the mix.

Improved Skin Texture: Microneedling stimulates collagen production, which can improve the skin's overall texture and firmness over time.

AguaGold Facial

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*Individual results may vary. Before and after images and videos are shown on the site for informational purposes only. No claims are made that results are guaranteed to be exactly the same.

Setting the New Gold Standard for Facials at Rejuvenate Austin

The AquaGold facial has been making waves globally and is now available at Rejuvenate Austin! What sets this 'facial' apart? It's not your typical facial, but a unique form of micro-needling! AquaGold employs specialized technology to directly infuse the dermis with carefully selected substances using 14-karat gold needles. These aren't your standard needles, but are designed with a hollow spiral running down the center, effectively carrying rejuvenating ingredients into the dermis.

The distinction between traditional micro-needling and the AquaGold treatment lies in the delivery method of these ingredients. While in a conventional micro-needling session, substances are needled into the skin, relying on passive diffusion to reach the channels created by the solid needles. With AquaGold, these substances are guided by gravity down the hollow needles, where they exit through a spiral around the needle's entire circumference. This means the targeted substances are deposited not just at the needle's tip, but along its whole length, treating the majority of the dermis.

You may be wondering about the 'targeted substances' we use. Primarily, we utilize hyaluronic acid in an injectable form, also known as a dermal filler, slightly diluted with sterile saline. We also incorporate potent ingredients such as antioxidants, including Vitamin C. A touch of Botox can work wonders on pores, texture, and redness. Botox prevents blood vessels from dilating, significantly reducing redness. With Botox micro-dosing, sebum production is also decreased, offering significant relief for rosacea. The AquaGold device empowers us at Rejuvenate Austin to target the dermis with unparalleled precision. Antioxidants, essential for maintaining youthful skin, are delivered directly to the dermis - a truly golden opportunity! This innovative approach may even block the immune cells that cause inflammation, a major factor in aging.

Lauren is AMAZING! She is so patient and kind and really listens to all of your concerns, she doesn't sell you on anything she doesn't think you need, and she walks you through every step of the process you two choose is right for you. She makes any concerns you have wash away and is there to cheer you on as the results of your treatment come in (because with her, you're gonna get good results!)

Cindy G. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Is the AquaGold Facial worth it?

Most facial treatments will go back to your normal after several hours but sometimes will last a few days, The AquaGold facial treatments generally last several weeks and can stay up to a few months. The AquaGold facial is more durable, faster, and less painful than micro-needling therefore it’s definitely worth it!

There is no pain during the AquaGold facial. Numbing cream is applied for 20 minutes and the facials takes about 35 minutes. When you arrive, pictures are taken and your skin is cleansed. Numbing cream is applied and after that 20 minutes time span, we cleanse again. The skin is prepped with alcohol and then the procedure begins. The device is stamped with a significant overlap onto the skin. Multiple passes are performed on problem areas. There is very little bleeding if any and the skin is red at the end but quickly looks normal within a few hours. You are given post-care serums and asked not to wear make-up for 18 hours.

Results start almost immediately with the plumping. The reduction in redness begins at one week. The very best results are with a series of three treatments. Doing one facial quarterly is the best practice for maintenance, but you still get great results if you treat it late! I like to treat my patients every month for those first three and then move to quarterly.

At Rejuvenate Austin, the exact price of your AquaGold facial will depend on the unique cocktail of ingredients tailored to your skincare needs. Generally, the cost can range from $650 to $1000 per treatment. For maximum savings and benefits, we offer a value package of three treatments, which comes at a significantly reduced rate compared to individual sessions. Please feel free to inquire about this package to take full advantage of our high-quality AquaGold facial offerings.

Destiny treated me like a queen! I got such a wonderful facial in thanks to her expertise and professionalism.

Emily U. ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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