Laser Vein Treatment in Austin

Dr. Wright uses the Cutera laser to treat spider veins and benign vascular lesions, such as hemangiomas and venous lakes.


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Venous lakes are purple lesions that often appear in the lips or on the face in sun exposed areas. Hemangiomas are those red raised lesions that look like red moles.

The Nd:YAG 1064 application of the Xeo laser can treat these conditions non-invasively without scars and without downtime. This same application is great for treating spider veins and broken capillaries.

Veins on the body or face may be treated, with treatment on the legs being the most common.

Treatment Information

Conditions treated:

  • Spider veins
  • Broken capillaries
  • Hemangiomas (cherry angiomas/red moles)
  • Venous lakes
  • Benign vascular lesions

Treatment areas: Face and body, commonly legs
Skin types: Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-IV
Ideal scheduling: Year round
Average number of treatments: 1-5 treatments, depending on severity and areas needed to treat
Frequency of treatments: 2-4 weeks
Side effects: Redness and bruising at the site of treatment, Mild tenderness and itching
Downtime: None
Duration of treatment effects: Permanent, although more veins will appear with time due to the underlying genetic predisposition to form them.

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Dr. Wright is lovely. She took lots of time with me answering questions, and came up with a great game plan. Super happy.
Diane H.