The AquaGold facial has been a huge success around the world! What makes this “facial” so special? It is actually a micro-needling treatment… well, sort of! AquaGold uses proprietary technology to infuse the dermis with targeted substances. 14 karat gold needles with a hollow spiral down the center carry wonderful ingredients directly into the dermis. The difference between micro-needling and this treatment is how the ingredients are delivered. During a micro-needling session, we can needle targeted substances into the skin. We are relying on passive diffusion of these ingredients to get down into the channels created by the solid needles of a needling device. During an AquaGold treatment, substances flow by the force of gravity down these hollow needles where the substance is allowed to leave the needle via a spiral around the whole circumference. Therefore, the targeted substance is deposited at the tip of the needle and down the whole length. You are able to treat most of the dermis with these substances.

Now, what exactly am I using as my “targeted substance”. I use hyaluronic acid in an injectable form, also known as a dermal filler. The filler is thinned just a tad with sterile saline. I also add wonderful things like antioxidants, including Vitamin C. Just a tad of Botox can work miracles on pores, texture, and redness. We are still studying the exact mechanism, but we can tell you that Botox keeps those blood vessels from dilating and does miracles for redness. Sebum production is reduced with micro-dosed Botox and that helps rosacea tremendously. The AquaGold device gives practitioners the ability to really target the dermis with great precision. Antioxidants are wonderful for everything and are at the forefront of anti-aging treatments. The ability to deliver them directly to the dermis is golden! This may even block the immune cells responsible for inflammation, which is at the heart of aging.

AquaGold Fine Touch is the FDA-approved device sold to professionals. Often people only say AquaGold or AquaGold facial, but the device is the AquaGold Fine Touch.

The AquaGold facial is completely customizable to the patient’s needs. As long as the substance is injectable quality, you can put it in the facial. Botox is great for almost everything but really shines in redness and rosacea as I explained above. Hyaluronic acid plumps the skin and most folks want that the most. The antioxidants are great for everyone wanting healthy skin. Our formulas have significant overlap, but we do create a special cocktail for each awesome human visiting our office. Other ingredients include platelet-rich plasma, stem cells, and very specific pharmaceuticals.

aquagold patientThere is no pain in the AquaGold facial. Numbing cream is applied for 20 minutes and the facials takes about 35 minutes. When you arrive, pictures are taken and your skin is cleansed. Numbing cream is applied and after that 20 minutes time span, we cleanse again. The skin is prepped with alcohol and then the procedure begins. The device is stamped with a significant overlap onto the skin. Multiple passes are performed on problem areas. There is very little bleeding if any and the skin is red at the end but quickly looks normal within a few hours. You are given post-care serums and asked not to wear make-up for 18 hours.

Results start almost immediately with the plumping. The reduction in redness begins at one week. The very best results are with a series of three treatments. Doing one facial quarterly is the best practice for maintenance, but you still get great results if you treat it late! I like to treat my patients every month for those first three and then move to quarterly.

Your cocktail will determine your exact cost, but they range from $650 to $1000. Purchasing them in a package of three is a great way to save. Most clinics will offer significant savings with a package.