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How to Choose the Best Medical Spa for You

Rejuvenate Austin Office

With so many medical options out there, it may feel overwhelming when you choose your Medical Spa or Botox doctor. Safety First and foremost, safety should be your number one driving force and results should be a close second. It is always good to check reviews to give you an idea how the business treats…

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5 Easy Weight Loss Tips For The Holidays

The Holidays are here and it’s hard to lose the few extra pounds we’re all bound to put on from all that Pumpkin Pie, Turkey, Prime Rib, Wine, Beer and Desserts you’ve been enjoying. You may be self-conscious on how you look for those Holiday Parties. I know how you feel, and we have all…

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Coolsculpting vs. Liposuction – Which is Best for You?

Many patients ask us about Coolsculpting vs. Liposuction for the best results. The answer is patient and problem area dependent. To help you to decide between the two, I decided to write this blog post. Downtime and Invasiveness First off, Coolsculpting is non-invasive and requires no downtime. Liposuction is invasive and requires some time off…

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What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting Rejuvenate Austin

CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive body contouring procedure that uses a controlled cooling device to freeze fat cells and eliminate unwanted fat. This non-surgical treatment is FDA-approved for use on the abdomen, thighs and flanks. The best candidates for Coolsculpting are those in good shape, but who have areas of stubborn fat that are resistant to…

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