Some Common Questions Regarding the Latest, Non-Invasive Body Sculpting Treatment by EmSculpt NEO® at Rejuvenate Austin

What is the distinction between EmSculpt NEO® vs EmSculpt®?

The primary factor that EmSculpt NEO® differs from EmSculpt® is its technological advantage. Whereas EmSculpt® relies just on advanced HIFEM energy to tone up the muscles and attain fat decrease, EmSculpt NEO® is a world-first treatment that combines this innovation with radiofrequency. It blends radiofrequency heat with HIFEM using a patented electrode that is discovered in no other body-contouring machine.

This included heat increases the blood supply to muscles so they develop more powerful and much faster. It also warms layers of fat to a level that triggers them to physically break down. The harmed fat cells are then metabolized by the body in a natural way, causing irreversible fat elimination. This procedure simulates the impacts of other body-sculpting treatments like fat freezing, which destroys fat in a comparable temperature-controlled method but without the muscle-building benefits.

This has made EmSculpt NEO® a standout treatment in the body-contouring world. In one 30-minute session, it contracts muscles up to 24,000 times. It likewise offers a higher weight loss and muscle-building punch by burning 30% fat and boosting muscle mass by 25% after 3 months post-treatment.

Who is preferable for an EmSculpt NEO® treatment?

As EmSculpt NEO® has actually emerged as a market leader in combined fat decrease and muscle-toning, it is ideal for clients who want to redefine their bodies with optimal efficiency. Its advanced capability to burn through fat makes it a perfect choice for patients with a little more fat to lose.

What Outcomes are Common with EmSculpt NEO®?

BTL, the producer of EmSculpt®, carried out 30 studies on HIFEM technology consisting of 7 brand-new medical research studies on EmSculpt NEO®. Scientific studies determined fat and muscle by imaging (ultrasound, CT scans, and MRI studies), compared images prior to and after treatment, and measured modifications in waist measurements.

Usually, the following were accomplished in EmSculpt NEO® clinical studies on healthy patients:

EmSculpt NEO® results

  • 30% reduction in fat
  • 25% more muscle
  • 19% reduction in stomach muscle separation (called diastasis recti).
  • 9 cm (2.3 inches) loss in waist area.
  • 30% boost in satellite cells– stem cell precursors to brand-new muscle cells.
  • Muscle modifications comparable to a 12-16 week exercise routine.
  • 88% -100% client complete satisfaction.

What takes place if I gain weight following EmSculpt® treatment?

A healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise maintenance, is encouraged following your series of EmSculpt® treatments. An increase in weight will permit fat stores to collect. This might occur disproportionately in areas neglected by EmSculpt®.

Is weight loss and increased muscle mass long-term following EmSculpt® treatment?

Fat cells damaged by increased fat metabolic process with EmSculpt® is irreversible. However, weight gain triggers remaining fat cells to grow, resulting in possible loss of effect.

Muscle mass is not long-term, but likely lasts 6 months or longer. Regular EmSculpt® treatments can keep the muscle tone achieved from a preliminary series of EmSculpt® treatments.

How does EmSculpt® compare to other approaches of fat reduction such as liposuction, CoolSculpting, or Vanquish?

EmSculpt® is a non-surgical technique for high-definition abs and butt lifting. It has no downtime or pain however requires a series of treatments and regular maintenance.

It’s intended for locations of undesirable fat that are not responsive to diets and workouts. Liposculpture is capable of removing large volumes of fat in a single treatment but involves some downtime.

Cryolipolysis, frequently described “CoolSculpting” by Zeltiq, is a method of non-invasive fat elimination that freezes fat, triggering fat cell death and elimination. The fat is frozen throughout treatment and must be rubbed, to help dissolve the cells.

In a small minority of cases, cryolipolysis can trigger considerable pain following treatment. In addition, cryolipolysis is somewhat technique-dependent. Several applicators to treat a large location such as the abdomen should be stacked and overlapped to prevent irregularities following treatment.

Vanquish utilizes heat to lead to the long-term removal of undesirable fat. It’s meant for people who have a hard time with stubborn locations of fat deposition, resistant to dietary and exercise procedures.