outside view of rejuvenate austin office


The first step I suggest to folks who are not sure where to start on their journey to find a med spa is to research. Take a look at multiple med spas in the area and read their reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook, as well as, check out their Instagram feed for valuable information. How does the business activity respond to positive and/or negative reviews? Does the business address negative reviews? Are they empathetic towards a poor experience? Typically reviews are a smart way to get an overall impression of consumer’s experiences. Instagram also offers before/after images showing off their work!
Take reviews with a grain of salt, but my recommendation is to observe how the business handles the responses. A strong, healthy establishment will be able to show off positive reviews, as well as, appropriately handle and respond to negative reviews.


As the owner and operator of Rejuvenate Austin, to me, I believe in medical professionals being onsite and overseeing all medical procedures. Because myself, Dr. Jessica Wright, MD, or my Physician’s Assistant, Dana Kirk, is on sight at all times, we are able to see and treat all of our patients whether they are first-time or long-term patients that we have seen throughout the years. A Doctor or Physician’s Assistant is present for every procedure, every step of the way. For example, if you are receiving Botox, customers should be seeing a Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s Assistant for the procedure. If you are receiving Laser Hair Removal, customers can see an Esthetician after being cleared for the procedure by the Doctor or Physician’s Assistant onsight.


Before consenting to someone performing procedures on your person, make sure to ask questions to who is performing your service! The medical industry has a lot of different names and credentials that indicate certain licenses for procedures. Let’s run through who you will typically run into at a medical spa. There are licensed professionals who have “prescriptive authority,” meaning they are able to prescribe procedures like Botox. These professionals include Physician’s Assistants (PA), Nurse Practitioner (NP), Doctor of Medicine (MD), and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO). Other licensed professionals in the med spa could be a Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Vocational Nurse (LDM), or Esthetician. Therefore, it is important to ask if you are seeing a PA or an MD for injectables or implantables.


Med spas were created to give more a spa-like experience in a medical environment. I needed Rejuvenate Austin to be functional and private for our customers, as well as, safe and sterile for our employees. I am also invested in educationally and financially in the technology we offer in our med spa. For example, the Laser Hair Removal machine I purchased can treat all skin types, which is not possible in every med spa. These specific capabilities were important to me because it allows our med spa to treat all skin types and all ethnicities.
We also worked really hard on an aesthetically pleasing, warming space that creates strong, positive energy when you walk into the spa. We included trendy art pieces, comfortable seating, bright rooms, and state of the art technology.


A medical consultation with an MD or PA is one of the most important pieces of your med spa visit. I emphasize this because a medical clearance is more than just a quick run over of your outer appearance. We spend at least half an hour gathering information to create a holistic view of each patient. We review current medications, life circumstances, chronic illnesses and so much more to develop a cohesive, structured plan. Not only do we create trust in this consultation with each patient who walks through our doors, but it gives an ample amount of time to answer questions and discuss desired results with me! For example, when meeting with a patient regarding Botox, muscle strength is a huge determiner for dosage, so I spend time evaluating all of these aspects before customizing their plan. Make sure you receive an extensive consultation before you get anything procedure done!